We produce filters to customer specifications.  We make filters in non-standard sizes and also manufacture custom designed filters.

Call us for custom size filter orders.

We make our own wires.  We have our own in house sheet metal shop for making the metal frames.

We manufacture the following filters to customer specifications:

  • Ring Panel Air Filters
  • Pad Filters
  • HEPA Filters
  • Throwaway Filters
  • Link Filters
  • Pleated Filters
  • Ashrae Air Filters
  • Cube Filters
  • Bag Filters

Our flexibility allows us to offer a wide variety of custom air filters and frames plus maintain a full line of standard stock inventory.

This is the company to call if you are looking for a manufacturer of non standard size air filters.

Call us to discuss your specifications.  A large part of our business is manufacturing air filters to custom specifications.  We make it easy. 1-704-822-4444

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