Ring Panel Filter

Ring Panel Filter

Internally Self-supported polyester filters

Available in links (high dust holding capacities)

Available in 2,3, 4 ply


Wrap Filter


Single Ply Synthetic Media

Supported with a Wire frame

Available in MERV Rating 5-8


Pleated Filter

Pleated Filters

Available in MERV 7, 8, 11, and 13

Available in carbon





Mini Pleat Filter

Mini Pleated Filters

Available in chop board, metal or plastic frames


Carbon Filters

Carbon Filters

Removes odors and irritant gasses from the HVAC system air stream

100% Synthetic Media

Available in 1″, 2″ and 4″ pleated air filters

100, 200, 500 grams per square meter available

Synthetic Bag Filter

Synthetic Bag Filters

(40%, 50%, 65%, 85% 95%)

Any size depth available

Form Retrofit

Greater dust holding

No fiber breakage

All efficiencies available

UL Class2 (Flammability only)

Standard & custom sizes


V Cell Filter

V Cell Filters

Standard capacity and high capacity options

65%, 85%, 95%, 98%, & 99.97% efficiencies available

V Style Cartridge filters with panels

Designed to handle virtually any HVAC application

Hepa Filters

HEPA Filters

95% & 99.97% efficiencies available

Corrugated aluminum media separators

Standard (18 pleats/feet) or

High-Capacity  (36 pleats/feet)

Metal or particle board frames

Sealed internally with urethane sealant



Ashrae Filters

Ashrae Filters

Available in 3 efficiencies

65%, 85%, 95%

Available in particle board, galvanized aluminum or stainless steel

Header or box style

Rigid Filters

Rigid Filters

65%, 85%, & 95% efficiencies

Synthetic media

Low resistance

Pleat stabilizers

Metal frames constructed for durability

Automatic Roll Filter

Automatic Roll Filters

horizontal (end loading)

Vertical (front loading)

100% Polyester Automatic Roll filter depts from 1/2″ to 1″

UL Class 2 (flammability only)

Highly resistant to abrasion

Use dimensions for corresponding VA model




Throwaway Filters

Throwaway Filters

Available in 1/2, 1″, 2″

Polyester media

Available iwth bottle cap reinforcement

Any size available





Gate and Tuck Filters

Gate or Tuck-N_Frames

Available in any size

Available in 18 to 20 gauge

Thickness 1/4″, 1/2″, 1″, 2″, 4″, 6″






Polyester Filter Media

Polyester Air Filter Media

Available in any size

Pads, blankets, or bulk rolls




Automatic Replacement for Any Machine

Media is scrim backed for additional strength

Highly resistant to abrasion

Roll widths and sizes to fit most manufacturers’ equipment






All Purpose Side Housings

Rugged bolted construction of heavy gauge galvanized steel insure long, purposeful life

Formed “hat section” reinforcing provides structural integrity

Our uniform design allows a fit for all styles of “built up” systems

A wide range of options allow the flexibility for the most rigid system requirements


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