NC Filtration HEPA Filters are standardized using 5/8″ particle board framing.  Each frame is glued and stapled to provide a rigid enclosure for the media pack.

Metal frames fabricated of glavanzied steel, aluminum or stainless steel are available for use where corrosion or temperature limits exceed those applicable for particle board frames.


  • 95% & 99.97% Efficiencies available
  • Corrugated aluminum media separators
  • Standard (18 pleats/ft.) or High-Capacity (36 pleats/ft.)
  • Metal or particle board frames are available
  • Sealed internally with Urethane Sealant 5 7/8″ & 11 1/2″ Depths available in all sizes.


Media:  Each filter is constructed from one continuous sheet of high strenthg waterproof glass microfiber paper, sealed to the frame on all four edges.

Separators: Media separators are corrugated aluminum.  A separator is placed between each pleat of media to prevent the pleats from touching.  This allows the air to pass through with minimum of resistance.

Adhesive Sealants:  Standard sealants utilized are fire retardant rubber bade adhesive and urethane sealant.  These sealants are applied as a fluid and solidifies to provide a positive seal between the media pack and frame.

Gaskets:  All standard HEPA filters are equipped with a closed cell neoprene gasket.  Placement is on the Downstream side of the filter unless otherwise specified.  If a gasket is required on both sides of the filter it must be indicated in the purchase order.

Pressure Drop Table

99.97% DOP-HEPA Filters Initial Pressure Drop 1.00″ w.g.

Pressure Drop Table

95% DOP-HEPA Filters Initial Pressure Drop 1.00″ w.g.

Hepa Air Filter Specifications

Call us to discuss your specifications. A large part of our business is manufacturing air filters to custom specifications. We make it easy. 1-704-822-4444

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