We produce filters to customer specifications. We make filters in non-standard sizes and also manufacture custom designed filters.

PLE Economy, PLS Standard, PLH Hi-Capacity, PLC Carbon, PLX Custom

PLE (Economy)

The PLE filter is an economy grade pleated filter. To meet the needs of low or intermittent air flow applications, the PLE filter is designed for the service contracts predetermined change intervals or other applications where time is used as the basic criteria for changing filters. The PLE filter may also be operated n systems where air pressure instruments are use and a lower purchase price is desired. No sacrifice is made in efficiency.

PLS (Standard)

The PLS filter is a middle grade pleated filter similar to the PLE in service conditions but offers more media content. The PLS will exceed the requirements fo most non-specified filter installations and allows for lengthening of predetermined change intervals.

PLS (Hi-Capacity)

The PLH filter is designed and engineered for optimum performance. This filter offers the maximum amount of media pleats per linear foot and the highest ration of effective filter media to face area that will meet engineering specifications and allow for the longest filter life available.

PLS (Carbon)

The CPL is a gas phase filter designed to remove particulates and odor. It is available in most sizes.

PLX (Custom)

The PLX are custom filters manufactured in a variety of different sizes. Thickness options for custom filters include 1″, 2″ and 4″.

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