The NC Synthetic Bag Filters have a rigid rust-resistant galvanized steel channel frame which support a multi-pleated, fine diameter media.  The NC Synthetic BAG design provides efficiency and dirt retention throughout the life of the filter.  High dust holding capacity and large filter media area contribute to a long service life.  Unlike most filters, the total filter media area of the BAG filter can be up to 30 times the face area.  each pleat is sewn with a constant length span stitch to ensure continuous throat and pleat configuration.  This assures consistent pressure drop and complete media utilization.  Every stitch is covered by a hot melt adhesive.  All pockets are joined by a mechanical lock that pierces and joins the internal headers together.


  • 45%, 65%, 85%, and 95% efficiencies available
  • Galvanized steel header
  • Galvanized inner support frame in each pocket
  • UL Class 2 as to flammability only
  • Standard and custom sizes available
  • Filter cartridges are 100% disposable.


The NC Synthetic BAG Filter is completely constructed of non-corrosive materials.  The bag is sewn with a constant media spacing stitch for uniform dust loading and reduced pressure drop.  This maximizes the filter’s life.  There are no maintenance requirements between changes.  Along with low maintenance costs, single-body construction allows for easy handling and installation.

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